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Throw the challenge at you.

Which one do you think is better?  

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(Challenge will go though the entire year until the park closed. And also their will be some quiz that I am thinking of by now. But lets go to the challenge.)

Snoopy's Adventure: Is time to follow snoopy story to selected rides, and here they are.

Classic: "Racer" Down the hill and up the hills you go. Classic snoopy is all about his life being a loving beagle, And you can feel the old life in the new life.

Adventure: "Adventure Express" You know is coming a mile away so do the next one. Snoopy enter the temple of bunnies to get the treasure that worth a fortune. Traps are scatter all around the temple, can you escape with the artifact or suffer in doom of cuteness?

Sci-fi: "Flight of Fear" Space journey and beyond! Snoopy experiment to enter another realm work out, but the aliens are not so kind, like Lucy level not so kind, Now he needs to find the portal and escape the realm before the aliens do.

Action: "Backlot Stunt Coaster" This time we are on a roll. Snoopy have his entire stuff stolen by cats. But lucky enough Snoopy's friend help him to fight back the cats and take back his stuff and the special ability Roll over that Snoopy can bowl over his foes like a bowling ball.

Drama: "Banshee" Banshee story is a little lovely except for the ending part, but his drama story have a happy ending with Fifi. Is like the flying ace story, and you can watch the rest by here.

So challenge huh? This challenge is for the easy folk like kids. I hope you will like that challenge. Once your done, cast your vote to see which one is winning with story and experience. Thank you and have fun. Scan, all clear, enjoy your challenge.

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