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Different approach to loose articles for Yukon Striker.

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It's not operating yet but instead of going with a locker system for YS, CW has gone with a moveable bin system.  The bins are suspended on a track and you place your items in it at the top of the stairs before you enter the station.  The system then moves the entire bin up and over the train to the unload side of the platform so you can collect your stuff after you disembark.  The track is in place, and a few of the bins are but today for the First Rider event they were not operating.  Sorry I didn't get any photos, I didn't take my phone into the park with me.  

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Definitely not the simplest solution but definitely interesting.  Brings back memories of the old Hardee's (Carl's Jr I'm not sure which you call it up there) anyway at one time they had the drive thru but where the entrance was would put the drivers side on the wrong side of the building.  So they had a little tiny room with a drink machine and this crazy conveyor system that they would load the food on inside and transport to the drive thru attendant.  Later on they expanded a bit and moved the entrance of the drive thru to the front of the building eliminating the need for the conveyor.   Was definitely odd before but was quite the sight to see as a young one,  I imagine some young and old alike will have a similar feeling to this contraption.

What I would really like to see in the future is for ride manufacturers to solve the problem.  What I think would work great for new train concepts is to add essentially a glove box.  Have it unlock when the train is in the station and lock upon dispatch.  Would give riders a convenient spot to store their cell phone, keys, wallet, etc and prevent access during the ride.   If you have things bigger than would fit then I'm okay with parks saying you'll need to rent a locker of course unless it's something medically necessary.  Plus there's some opportunity to add to the theme of the ride.   I'm not saying go retrofit every ride, though some would be feasible.   Instead put it in the thought process when designing a next generation train or other ride vehicle.  

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On 4/24/2019 at 6:04 PM, BoddaH1994 said:

Half of me thinks this is brilliant, half thinks it’s over engineered.

I’m very curious as to how this ends up working out.

Pretty sure this is just a clothing rack like used at a dry cleaners.  Looks simple and cheap to me.

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