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Favorite food venue at KI

Favorite food venue at KI  

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A couple of years ago we saw the addition of Chef James Major to the Ki staff. Since this time, Chef Major and his team have opened some restaurants in the park that are arguably some of the best in the business. We saw the addition of Coney BBQ in 2018 and Miami River brew house in 2019, both of which have great amusement park food to offer. I’m curious to see what the enthusiast community thinks the best food venue in the park is. I’ve listed to the best of my knowledge, every single food Venue in the Park minus The Sweet Spot on International Street.  Please note that food venues that are of restaurants that are run outside of KI will be put in their own group. Ex: Larosa’s. Criticism is welcome, it’s my first poll so there is bound to be a mistake or two. 

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