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Shows and entertainment - Totally 80s, Country, Gravity, etc


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Can we have a thread to discuss shows? A big part of growing up at KI was going to the shows, as far back as Woodchopper's Ball Revue, if anyone remembers that! Some of the very talented KI singers from the late 80s went on to do really impressive work on Broadway and at Disney. There was an excellent crop of talent in Mason back in the day.

Hopepeople want to discuss the shows here. So far I've seen Totally 80s and Country Flashback. I really wanted to see Gravity but there was only one showing today. We'll catch it next week. I'll have to remember it's not performed on Wednesdays.


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45 minutes ago, Cmhornblessed said:

Is that what is happening with the other shows also? No country show, no 80s, no space beagle today!

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Yep. They are all rehearsing for their spots in Carnivale. Some shows will return during GC, and some will be temporarily replaced during its run. 

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Must give major props to the employee (same kid that did the opening spiel outside wrt rules) who called out the line jumpers and sent them to the back of the line. Before the 7PM show last night. Bravo!


(Show was splendid as well)



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