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Gift shop fun


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Anyone else love gift shops? I was hoping we can discuss or post good stuff from the park. I'd also love if anyone can point me to Smurf ice cream gifts.

So far I've found two things at KI: a gray t-shirt in the Emporium that says "Blue ice cream makes me happy" in dark gray text but doesn't have blue or ice cream on it (!), and a pin in the Emporium that's pretty nice and has a blue Smurf cone. I think I'm going to go back for the pin. Who knows what I'll do with a pin but I want it!

I also saw a brown bear in the Emporium with the classic KI logo that's adorable. If my kid was into stuffed animals I'd buy it in a second.

Any other neat things you've found?

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I know they at least used to have blue ice cream mugs/dishes as part of a display with other blue ice cream merch. I think this was on display last year in the Emporium, I’ll look to see if I can find some of it in one of the shops at my next visit. I suspect they may be at the Snoopy Boutique.

I’m really excited about the embroidered patches that came out this year. I love the variety of the pins, but I’ve always been too worried they’d fall off and get lost from anything I would want to use them on, so the ones I have stay in my jewelry drawer. The patches, I can sew on, and be reasonably sure I’ll at least have some warning before one falls off. I’ve been buying them slowly, as I find enough change on the ground to “pay” for each one (I don’t actually pay for them in coins). So far I’ve found enough for six out of the 11 I plan to buy. I’ve been sewing them onto a big canvas Kings Island tote bag I won a few years ago at Coasterstock and keep in my SUV to hold all my park supplies (extra clothes, ponchos, band aids, etc). My husband even bought me a vintage patch off eBay, that has the loop of Demon in front of the Eiffel Tower.

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Peanuts gift shop by the front has Smurf stuff! They have a Snoopy holding a blue ice cream cone. Also Smurf puzzles and various toys. And a blue ice cream shirt for kids. I really want to the ice cream cup that has blue ice cream melting on it.


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On 5/30/2019 at 9:31 AM, Honorarius said:

I believe the keychain was from a shop in the kids area near where we got blue ice cream...

There's a keychain in the front I street shop with a blue cone but it's royal blue. Definitely the wrong shade of Smurf ice cream so I didn't buy it. I like the keychain you have above, with Kings Island, written on it best. My search continues....

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32 minutes ago, standbyme said:

I can’t find the topic...but a couple of months ago someone posted a picture of some wood souvenirs. The one that I remember specifically was a Beast one replicating one of the signs in the station. They were not big in size. Can someone tell me which store has these? 

The Ohio room at Emporium.

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