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Critical tone on the forum

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In recent weeks, we've noticed that the tone on the forum has taken a sharply critical turn, and we'd like to ask for everyone's help in fixing it.

KIC is all about sharing our appreciation for the park and the industry, and we want to keep the discussion as open to as many opinions as possible. At the same time, snarky comments make the forum less fun to read and contribute to. It's getting old, and we need it to stop.

Specifically, we're asking that critical comments be respectful; sarcasm and exaggeration should be avoided. Ideally, tell the park how they should improve; Kings Island is always looking for feedback here and on social media. Honest opinions and experiences, both positive and negative, are always welcome to be shared here.

If you see posts that are creating an overly negative tone, reminding the poster to keep it constructive and/or using the "Report" button would be most appreciated. Thanks everyone for your attention to this matter.

-Your KIC mods

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