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KI June 4


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I brought my family for our annual visit to KI this past Tuesday. We've been bringing our daughter to KI since she was five, and she is a teenager now. It has been fun watching her experiences with the park change every year like mine did (I grew up near KI so I went many times a year as a kid. Sadly we live out of state now so my daughter doesn't have that luxury.).

The weather was perfect so there was a good walk-up crowd, but lines weren't too long for anything but the new antique cars. I expected to wait longer for that ride because it is new. It's great to have those cars back at KI! I remember how exciting it was to "drive" as a kid, and I enjoyed watching my daughter experience that.

International Street looks amazing after the renovation. There is still nothing like the feeling you get when you walk in the entrance and see and hear the fountain and all those wonderful building facades leading right to the Eiffel Tower. The landscaping throughout the park looked beautiful as well, and the park was clean and inviting overall as always. The only exception we saw was the dining area behind Skyline in Coney. We couldn't find a table that wasn't covered in crumbs and condiments.

Coincidentally, Skyline happened to be our only bad experience at the park that day. The automated ordering computers were down so they were taking orders in person. I ordered five coneys, and the girl who took my order repeated it back twice. Several people who ordered after I did got their food, so finally someone asked me what my number was. An employee overheard and said he was working on it. Several more minutes went by and several more people got their food. Finally the aforementioned employee started bringing baskets full of food to the counter to give to us. It turned out he read our order as five coney baskets, not five coneys. So he'd prepared ten coneys and five baskets of fries!

I continue to be impressed by the friendliness and professionalism of the young staff. You can tell the park takes safety seriously.

Late in the afternoon we headed to Soak City for a bit. I didn't see any ice cubes floating in the water, but I don't think the water could have been colder had there been. Does the water warm up later in the season?

Overall it was another great day at KI, which brought back a lot of great memories while creating new ones.




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34 minutes ago, Phantom Theater said:

Awesome to hear that you had a great day :) Thank you for sharing! Did you take all of those coneys and fries?! Lol

We didn't take all the fries, but we took all the coneys and gave some away. :) I told the worker we only ordered five coneys, but he just said "Take them." 

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