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Popular Mechanics - The Best Roller Coaster (or Thrill Ride) in Every State

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De-Clickbated link all on one page:


Ohio - The Beast

Easily the rollercoaster capital of North America, Ohio offers up enough top-flight coasters to fill out its own top-50 list. The best of the best includes Cedar Point’s Steel Vengeance and its 30 stories of height and Top Thrill Dragster with 420 feet of height and speeds of 120 miles per hour, but it can’t skip out on The Beast at Kings Island.

At 110 feet tall, the attraction comes with 7,400 feet of wooden track, the longest wooden coaster in the world. Two lift hills bring riders through the Ohio woods and riders say a night ride brings the craziest thrills with a two-tunnel double helix.


Indiana - The Voyage

Kentucky - T3

Michigan - Shivering Timbers

At least we in Ohio have a lot of coasters to choose from Kansas - Wildwood Zipline  (wut?)

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My personal favorite per state list-

Ohio- wood- Beast steel- Magnum XL-200

Kentucky- wood- Thunder Run steel- Lightning Run

Indiana- Wood- Legend steel- Thunderbird

Pennsylvania- wood- Twister steel- Storm Chaser

New Jersey- wood- El Toro steel- Nitro

Virginia- steel- Volcano: The Blast Coaster, non-defunct- Anaconda (haven't been to KD since 04 and never been to BGW) wood- Racer 75

Tennessee- wood- Thunderhead steel- Tennessee Tornado (haven't been to Dollywood since 2008)

Michigan- wood- Shivering Timbers steel- Thunderhawk


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