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So... I flew the Millennium Falcon at Galaxy's Edge

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I just got back from an 8-day California coaster trip which included ACE Coaster Con, SFMM, Knott's, Disneyland & California Adventure.  As a part of that trip, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" at Disneyland.  I thought some here might enjoy a pics and a quick "recap" of my experience.

Now mind you, I am an old school Star Wars fan - and Galaxy's Edge is definitely NOT themed to old-school Star Wars.   Overall, I had fun, and am very glad I got to see it during the reservation peroid - before the masses swarm the area (tomorrow begins full access to GP.) I did my homework before I went - so not a lot was a surprise to me.  I will say its unlike ANYTHING at any other park.  Its an "experience" based.... um.... experience.  (Does that make sense?)  Its not about the attractions as much as it is the overall ambiance and vibe.

I opted to NOT make a reservation of Oga's Cantina - mostly because I had a formal dinner at Blue Bayou scheduled immediately after my SWGE reservation period.  I did walk through the Driod Factory and saw the area where you build your own Light Saber.  I opted to not purchase either (I didn't want to travel with either.)  But people were absolutely flipping out over those experiences - they seem very cool.

I did try the milk - both the blue & green flavors.  (I preferred the blue - it's "sweeter".)  The marketplace was really fun - with all sorts of cool themed items to purchase unique to that land (you cannot buy them enywhere else on Disneyland property.) But you wont find typical park souvenirs - those are found outside the land - rather you find items that fit with the theming of "Batu."

I encountered Rey (literally within minutes of entering the area) Stormtroopers were all over the place (even watching the "citizens" and "visitors" of Batu from the roof-tops.)  I also encountered a "Commander" and Kylo-Ren, and R2 D2.  But remember, I am old school Star Wars, so I was not that impressed with them as I would have been should Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Leia, Han, C2PO etc been there.  But that is not what the area is about - its about a "continuation" or "present-day" version of the SW saga.  Like I said - its a very immersive, different experience.

Finally, yes, I flew the Millennium Falcon via the "Smugglers Run" attraction.  It's super well done - like blow your mind awesome.  Now, the ride itself isn't thrilling from a flip-you, lose-your-stomach aspect.  Instead its a very active, participation filled ride.  As a matter of fact - there's so much to take in and do during the flight - it's difficult.  They keep you very busy when you are in the cockpit, and when we exited we were all laughing because we were tired from "working so hard." LOL!  From the time we entered the actual "Falcon" to the time we exited it, it was so cool it was a blur.  The time we spent in the cockpit was longer than I thought it would be - maybe 5 minutes - but again it left me wanting to do it over and over because there was so much to take in.  (There was one part - which I will not reveal - that did invoke a great "scream" from all 6 of us in the cockpit. ) Warning - if you are an emotionally driven person, like me - you will have your breath stolen when you enter the Falcon - I literally choked up.  It was like all the years of playing with my little original SW action figures and toy Falcon came to life before my eyes.  Its impeccably done.

If you are preparing to go... start saving your money now.  In true Disney fashion, it's a money gobbler.  Building a saber is $200, droids $100, drinks at the Cantina start at $15 and got up to $75!!!  The milk was $8.  And when you pay, the totals they give are stated in a dialect.  For instance, if your total is $8.35 - they say "You have an eight point three five credit." They count your change back as such too (if paying cash.)  The Troopers DO approach you and sometimes ask you to reveal your "media device" (phone) so they can scan it etc.  (That was really funny to me.)  The cast members are either on the side of resistance or not, and all greet you with "bright suns" or "rising moons" - so there's a fun bit of dialect you pick up when you are there.

The downside to the experience, IMO, is the fact there was only one "ride."  Disneyland's version did not open with the "Rise of the Resistance" attraction (it will open in the fall or early 2020 as far as I've heard.)  So the area DEFINITELY needs another all-encompassing experience.  Also, because it is so "environmental" I think a lot of that will be obscured by what will, no doubt, be MASSIVE crowds at both DL & WDW in the forthcoming months & years.  Also, the area does attract DIE-HARD SW "experts" (like lots of people really, really, really REALLY into SW) so there's an intensity among several of the guests I've not experienced before.  It will be interesting to see how those "aficionado's" mesh with the GP.

Overall, I am very glad I did it - especially before the masses.

Here's some of my pics - and if you have questions about my experience, I'll do my best to answer.




























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Great report Shaggy!

Coincidentally we took a California trip also...we hit Disneyland on June 9 and SFMM on June 11. My first trips to both.

I agree with everything you said about Galaxy's Edge.  However, our disappointment over Rise of the Resistance being not yet open was negated by another surprise (to us) Star Wars ride... Hyper Space Mountain.

This was so awesome! The music track, the tie fighters, the sound effects... To us this was even cooler than Smuggler's Run.

Up to this point, Magic Kingdom was my overall favorite theme park. Disneyland gave us the perfect day, and I actually now prefer it to Orlando. Indiana Jones, Hyperspace Mountain, Matterhorn, Galaxy's Edge, and so much more.

I will add that the Disneyland crowd control was very well done for us. Galaxy's Edge felt quite comfortable crowd-wise, due to the limited number of reservations.

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Hyperspace Mountain is terrific!

I had ridden it before - as recent as 3 years ago.  It was the second thing I did when I got to DL park last week.  (Matterhorn being first.)  Its far superior to the FLA Space Mountain, and I am so glad they brought back the SW overlay.

Frankly, as a whole, the Disneyland rides are a bit better IMO.  The Florida versions of Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder, Indiana Jones (in Florida the same ride has the Dinosaurs overlay) are modified versions of the MUCH superior CA versions.  I've always felt there's a charm at Disneyland that WDW doesnt have.  However that doesn't mean that WDW doesn't have its plusses, or is lacking superior attractions....  Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios will always be the best of the bunch (even before the Guardians overlay at CA), Cinderella's Castle is still one of the most beautiful things ever built, Dumbo's Circus area is far better than Toontown, and Hall of Presidents etc.

Ultimately, its like comparing apples to oranges, but DL has so much intimacy and history to it.  And that is what I'm most drawn to.  Its really the diamond in the Disney parks crown.

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Shaggy, awesome write up.  It'll be a few years before I get back out to California, however, my wife and I had an amazing day at Disneyland last July.

The park hours are crazy, was so weird to be there from 8 am until 1230am.  Expensive, but feel like I got my moneys worth as I literally rode everything I wanted in one day at both parks.

Agree with you on the rides.  Splash Mountain at Disneyland felt like an hour long ride compared to the one at WDW.

Will definitely be back in the future.

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