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12 People Injured in accident at Queensland Amusement Park in Chennai

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Oh I know, I was joking because clearly this doesn’t have brakes, only a cable.  I was doing it from the perspective of Intamin trying to show why their brakes are important.

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46 minutes ago, Maverick44 said:

ok haha sorry sometimes people like to harp on me due to the fact I love Intamin coasters lol right on!

I like them too! It may have taken 2 days of effort, but I was finally able to ride Top Thrill Dragster,  In fact 3 of my 4 “must rides” were Intamin for my first visit to CP,  Millennium Force, TTD, Maverick, and Steel Vengeance were the ones I decided to travel 5 hours for lol.

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Caution, this post may contain sensitive material that might upset some readers. This is just how I felt upon seeing the video and I don't want to be mean:


I wouldn't be surprised if this wound up in a video with the title "OMG TOP  ROLLER COASTER ACCIDENTS!" Seriously, you know a clickbait channel will probably take this video and make it seem like it happens all the time. They'll probably also exaggerate some facts too, just to make this seem worse than it actually was. 


With that out of the way, I truly feel bad for everyone whose lives were changed by this event. I sincerely hope no one died and everyone can just learn from this and understand that it wasn't anybody's fault. I also hope that people understand accidents like this are extremely rare, and that mostly amusement park rides are safe. I'm just a little bit worried that people will think this happens all the time.



Well, those are my thoughts. If anyone finds this post violates the TOS, I will accept the consequences.

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