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Orion Construction Photos


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5 hours ago, JonahWilliamson said:

Like i said the other day they wont leave that support flappin in the wind. That lift is going up today ladies and gentleman. 

So if someones going to the park and wants to send me pics tonight ill give ya my snap or insta or whateves if anyones down.

I wanna see it baddddd

I will be at the park tonight but I am not gonna get there until around 7 so it may be dark already. 

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2 hours ago, King Ding Dong said:

I think yours has a few more rattles.  Therefor more realistic.  

The term is "derailments".

A popular element and park staple in my Roller Coaster Tycoon parks. The guests always leave happy! Guests have caught on in my Planet Coaster parks, though. :(

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Here are a few from inside the park tonight. 

Shot from the entranceway of Urgent Scare.


Shot from the antique autos right after Killmart exit




Shot from the end of the course area of antique autos.


Last one just for fun as we were coming in the park after opening with some of the Haunt atmosphere.   


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