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Orion Construction Photos

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Here are my pics from yesterday. Didnt take any professional camera up. Just with my S9+. Plus, was a little bumpy. Watermarked because some people. And these definitely are "exclusive". 

Why wait?

Anyone that does not work at the park or in the industry is the GP. 

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Just now, collin.klopfstein said:

What ever Cedar Fair is still better

Agreed, I don't want to sound like a six flags hater, but i'm not the biggest fan of the advertisements. Anyway this is off topic, so I don't want to drag my post on too long.

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39 minutes ago, Hawaiian Coasters 325 said:

I've been to SFMM and they have a lot of coasters, but I prefer Kings Island, Cedar Point, and Holiday World over it mainly with the park appearance and atmosphere! 

I feel like Six Flags could have a decent direction if they had the right leadership in place... I know it's considered the "budget" park chain but the prices overall make KI seem cheap by comparison from what I've seen

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Oh man...I'm glad I can afford more than 3 web cams....
Its probably temporary. Local news stations use Banshee cam a bit so I doubt they would get rid of it entirely, the camera is probably just taking a while to ship.

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