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Orion Construction Photos


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1 minute ago, Hawaiian Coasters 325 said:

The drop drops right near a creek. I wish they could find a way to expand the creek a little bit. It'll look pretty cool to have a stream running with a rollercoaster right by it.

Lol I'm guessing that guy didn't know it was the train storage shed. 

yeah pshhhhh what gp

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3 minutes ago, Kodistict said:

Welcome to KIC @Meh. I'm loving the name :lol:

Thank you for the warm welcome. I just wanted to post for the first time after seeing those trucks come in. Very exciting stuff! I've been lurking since Orion speculations and even have a monitor at work dedicated for the construction cam (as most users on here are doing). Working at Kings Island for 6 years in the rides department I love seeing stuff like this and getting a more in-dept look at the construction from you all. 


So thanks to everyone for always providing the quickest updates on what's going on...even though sometimes might not be accurate lol.

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