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What is up with this rides breaking like crazy this year? I understand they are in other countries who may not care for or inspect rides like we do here but wow. This is just insane. Prayers for all involved!




^ this link is to a video that shows a pic of the aftermath. You can see how rusted  the seats and handles were......Not good for that park at all.

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5 hours ago, upstop said:

Lack of maintenance and no laws to ensure safety inspections are mostly to blame. I wouldn’t ride overseas for this reason.

I wouldn't ride a bus in India, let alone an amusement ride. 

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9 hours ago, Maverick44 said:

Yeah I still to the rides in the USA.  I wanted to hit up Europe for the coaster over there. sigh

You are fine riding coasters in most Western European countries, I'd say.

I wouldn't trust most undeveloped or developing countries. Stick with Canada / USA / UK / Spain / Australia / maybe China (it seems they have a very wide variety of theme parks, from totally safe and maintained to sketchy and dangerous).

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