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Silver Dollar City 2020

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Looks like an awesome attraction but I agree that the drop looks ridiculously steep in that image, especially for what's being called a family ride. I also love the records they come up with for these new rides - this time "tallest drop on a raft ride in the western hemisphere". This beats out the current record holder by 9 feet (Infinity Falls at SeaWorld Orlando, which just opened in October of last year).

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Yeah they did say what was it an 8 story drop? The angle looks awesome in the pic but there is no way its that steep lol Did anyone see who is the manufacture of MRF? I wonder if this is another Intamin like Infinity Falls.

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Great backstory, but I love how they keep saying that “record” lol. As far as that picture, it looks like Snake River Falls (or Congo Falls) but as a rapids ride and with an elevator lift... or is there more to the ride’s layout that we are not seeing?

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