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Orion Coming to Kings Island in 2020

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Thank heavens. We can use fewer overly-entitled passholders at the park.  (Not my creation but spot on)

Your entire post is very well said, @BoddaH1994. Since 2009, Cedar Fair will have installed four roller coasters that are reliable, comfortable to ride, have huge throughput, and are marketable to

So here is my soapbox thoughts: We inherently knew that some people would complain.  We also knew that there would be some people that are almost more irritating complaining that people complain.

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13 hours ago, King Ding Dong said:

You guys are killing me.  LEDs are lame.  

We need flames and pyrotechnics.  

A streak of flames shooting from every train. 

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1 hour ago, Sixflags82 said:

Ok I worked on it for a little longer and I came up with two versons



The second one looks really nice.  I would agree they will make the first hill taller.  Also, don't forget to put a train on the track.  All roller coasters have a train on the track on the maps :)

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I made another version with your guys feedback

I think it looks better with the whole Orion hill on the page. The DB lifthill needs to be shortened quite a bit. I think the way it exists now, is because it was the tallest. Now, it needs to look smaller compared to Orion.
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