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Orion Announcement Day Updates 8/15/19


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12 minutes ago, collin.klopfstein said:

Somethings you might have not noticed in the pov/birds eye view

In the first picture it just shows Orion on the side of the station and the number 20

In the second Picture it shows The Racers flipped and blue racers backwards, possible hint for backwards racers 2020?

In the third picture it shows Soak City I think on the wrong side lol

In the 4th picture just another look at the station and queue





I hope the switch it back to one backwards again that was my favorite going that way! 

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I was too wiped out emotionally by the time I got home I couldn’t even get through reading the threads much less writing anything. 

It really was a rollercoaster of emotion starting at 10. The announcement itself was nearly exactly as expected, awesome, with the mild surprise they actually did use Orion, and the stronger surprise about Area 72, but the stats most of us already were counting on.

Then the wild ride truly began. I waited for a bit as the crowd, which I had been avoiding by standing on one of the curbs under Racer rather than in the plaza, now flowed out past me into Coney Mall. Once I could, I headed into the plaza myself. Just as I was noticing the banners on the fence, I ran into a friend who told me to put my hands over my ears so I couldn’t hear what people were saying, and approach the fence closer to see something I was really going to like. When I saw sdrawkcaB recaR there was much squealing and dancing and I was on a complete high. I wasn’t fully willing to believe it though, so I asked Don Helbig and he very directly and definitively (it was clear he wasn’t playing) said “that isn’t happening!” I was crushed but I’m glad I found out before I had much time to believe it. 

So I went back over to the fence, a little down at this point, and started discussing things with the others still hanging around. Someone walked towards us, as I turned to see, first I noticed the video camera held by one of the men, then the microphone in the other man’s hand, and finally, who was holding it. I was excited to meet THE John Matarese after all his coverage of this so far, but less excited by that camera. I tried to step out of the way and let him interview the person I had been talking to (ok... I may have barked “they aren’t my kids!” in an attempt to move his attention off of me and onto the father of the cute kids), but he said “no, no, it’s fine” and started asking questions.  I managed to convey my excitement about the ride and not curse, so I at least felt good about that, and he went on to interview someone else and I crossed my fingers mine wouldn’t be used. 

After a little longer, I headed out of the park in a daze from all that had happened, and drove home. Before I left in the morning, I had set my TiVo to record the WCPO 11:00 news because I figured John Matarese would have a segment about the announcement, so I did watch that, was relieved not to see myself in it, set up to record the morning news just in case, then fell asleep really quickly. 

So this morning... well out of however many interviews Matarese did last night, he chose two for the morning segment, and there I am, shining like an oil slick after being in the park and sweating since 9:30 AM, looking like a goober... I’ll spare you the whole thing and the horrors of my double chin (I’m sure those of you who have met me are well acquainted with it anyway) but here’s a “great” still from it:


I guess it’s good to get the kind of recognition I deserve *sigh*

Now I just need to deal with it being the last weekend of Gravity, and no more weekday ops. At least I have excitement about Orion to help get me through it :)

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