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Smoking outside of smoking areas

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38 minutes ago, lifetimecoaster said:

If I'm to be honest, I think that part about it that angers me so much is that as someone who vapes, I take the time to go to the smoking areas to do it. It makes me angry that people don't have the consideration for those around them. 

a lot of complaining about the ones who violate the rules but i think most like you follow the rules . so i wish to say THANK YOU!!!


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Funniest thing I've seen today. On the KI season passholder page, an employee said that people were at the park, waiting for it to open today. Of course there were a bevy of comments about "the moose out front shoulda told ya". One person commented that it was the perfect attendance folks waiting for extra credit, but smoking.

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On ‎8‎/‎19‎/‎2019 at 2:40 PM, FreedomPenguin said:

Had a massive wait in mystic timber’s end of night last ride, one smoker lit up, and more started in line. I told him and everyone in a blanket loud statement to put them out, next thing you know I had the gf’s of the smokers yelling at me telling me it’s none of my business what they do- classy right?. A few of them put it out but a lot of the line ended up smoking away. No one backed me up.

I got paired w a smoker who started the smoke train, and he put it out and said sorry, it’s been an hour and he just tried to get small hit and didn’t realize everyone would do it, no excuse. Just don’t do it period. 

I saw a similar issue in Mystic a couple Saturday nights ago - some young punk lit one up and was a very strong smell.  An older man asked him politely to put it out and the punk basically told him to buzz off.  When they passed in the queue again the older man asked again in a more vocal voice to put it out and again the punk was like buzz off.  Then people started chanting "PUT IT OUT, PUT IT OUT" and after one cycle of that his friends he was with shamed him into putting it out.

So, seems like "PUT IT OUT" shout needs to start to get people to back you up!

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