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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

Kings Island Season Pass Holder T-Shirts

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4 minutes ago, King Ding Dong said:

Wait for the “Kongs Island All Park Season Fast Lane+ Passhole” shirt.  

Darn auto-correct. :D

There was a coffee shop in a mall near me whose logo was a computer that said, “Teh Coffee Shop.” I think of you make a Kong’s Island shirt a ton of people would get it.

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21 minutes ago, disco2000 said:

Already more offerings here than the Pass Perks:P

And the season pass since 2008 obviously goes back to the Cedar Fair acquisition, even though someone may have been a passholder longer lol...

I kind of want that but I was a pass holder from 1994-1999 and 2002-present. Think they can accommodate that? :D

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Due to weather and boy’s busy summer schedules we only made it to KI once so far this season.  Just received the PassPerks emails.  Kiefer an I received 9.99 bring a friend benefits while Ryan got a front of the line pass.  The sibling rivalry is just to strong and if I informed them of this absolutely nothing good would result.

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I like the fact they have sizes over 2x. Wish theyd keep the shirts in the park in bigger sizes. I like my shirts big and baggy and at 6'4" and 253 lbs a 2x is like a snug crop top on me after a wash. Some tall sizes would be nice as well.

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