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Six Flags to open world's tallest, fastest, longest coaster

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I'm more excited this is happening outside the USA than wanting to spend a fortune just to go ride it.



Rollercoaster Wars has just been ramped up!

Shall we ask Cedar Fair to dethrone these shenanigans? :)


Cedar Point..

1st Hyper, Giga, Strata...

Dont let another park ruin the running records.

Get the first Tera coaster!

The more Falcons Flight is put in the spotlight, I believe the more we, in the US, may be in for a treat in the no so distant future...

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This park is a Six Flags park in name only.  The park will be built, owned, and operated by a subsidiary of the Saudi government.  The funds are coming from the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia.  There are no investors, or banks which anyone has to justify the expense of an attraction.

It feels like the park will likely be built.  This specific coaster I have my doubts about.  Not that building a coaster which goes this fast or is this long is impossible, but more that I have my doubts that what we are seeing is a finished design.  But the mentioned speed while not impossible without a launch. it is just not happening without assistance.  Assuming a vacuum and no friction, you need something around 800 ft of free fall just to hit 156 MPH/250 KPH.  Only one company is likely to build this coaster, Intamin.  I cannot imagine another manufacturer who would be willing to even attempt something like this.

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People keep saying that but that's not a 156mph drop.


That looks to be a drop in the 90s... maybe 100s but after that, it hits a launch.. to 156 required to get up that hill... just like TTD.


My curiosity is how tall the hill needs to be to reach 126mph because that's what that hill reaches after the 156mph launch.

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