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KI Memorabilia rarity


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I thought many here would like to see a rare KI memento that I recently added to my collection.

This is a carved marble slab mounted on a framed backing with a brass plate inscription.   It was presented following the 1981 season - and it features the (then) new "The Bat" as part of the collage of KI images.

From what I have learned, this was presented to a former Full-Time KECO/Kings Island staff member.

Its quite a piece!  If anyone has anymore info about this, please share!

1981 KI Plaque.jpeg

1981 KI Plaque 3.jpg

1981 KI Plaque 2.jpg

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Are those birds or bats circling the Eiffel Tower? 

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Have had information passed along to me about this piece years ago. Can’t remember much though.


If I recall correctly, someone else on this site actually managed to get ahold of one of these many years ago and also had a story to go with it. Finding that thread could be a shot in the dark, as it may have been tucked into another thread and not in its own. 


Great to see another one of these floating around! 

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