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10/19/19: Cedar Point closed for capacity

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TBH, not too shocked. I went about a month ago and it was crazier than I have ever seen any park, Halloweekends already got packed at Cedar Point and now you have a shiny new $99 Gold Pass boosting crowds even further (though even had they not done Gold Pass the park would still be PACKED today- people seem to love the Haunt events). Even a 10% boost or something from Gold Passes would drive the park to capacity, based on previous years. Plus it is very, very nice today. May and June next year may also see a slight attendance bump from Gold Pass, but at least those months were not crazy crowded to begin with like August-October have become.

Heck, from what I have heard today Kings Island is very crowded as well (my sister is there without me ATM- there was no room in the car for me to come). Banshee is apparently a 90 minute wait. I have not seen a line for it that long since Opening Day 2014!


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