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Tower of Terror II Getting Torn Down

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For those not in the know about this ride, this was the first coaster to hit 100 mph (this was built right before Superman: The Escape at SFMM), so its kind of a big milestone coaster coming down here.   It also got the Drop Tower attachment before Superman as well.  

Its kind of weird to see all these high concept rides of the late 90's all coming down together.  

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On 10/29/2019 at 2:15 PM, MDMC01 said:

See, when I read this headline on Screamscape, I thought they were talking about the Tower of Terror coaster in South Africa (Gold Reef City to be exact); glad this was clarified!

I was thinking the same. Glad its something else as I think that one looks pretty cool.

Even though this doens't takes up on a sliver of land it probably does impeded a lot of areas to build with it since it is a long length too so could see it coming out for expansion. Given it was the first major one like that and its age could just be having lots of maintenance problems too and being coming too costly to keep up.

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