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ElloCoaster Poll 2019 edition is up!

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This is not my poll, but I do love these head-2-head type polls as I feel they are more accurate than popularity polls as representing how well-liked a roller coaster really is (plus this method is great at revealing hidden gems at parks that never get any attention). So I figured I would post about it yet again.

The ElloCoaster basically replaces the old Mitch Hawker polls, which ended in 2013 for some unknown reason (I fear something bad may have happened). This year, ElloCoaster boasts a new poll: THE STEEL POLL IS FINALLY HERE!

Here is a link to the ballots for wood and steel:


Note that coasters RCDB lists as kiddie on the steel poll don't count. Granted, this is a bit odd since Great Pumpkin Coaster is listed as "Family" for some reason, but Wilderness Run (formerly Junior Gemini) at Cedar Point is listed as kiddie (and thus not in the poll).

I'll also give a tip for this poll- especially for the steel part. My suggestion is to use Control+F and look up the parks you have been to, and then mark all the coasters you have ridden in those parks. Then when you have done this for all your parks, delete the coasters you have not ridden and then begin your rankings. I imagine most people are gonna be deleting well over 2,000 steel credits they don't have.

BTW, here is what my personal ballot looks like- my entire wood Ballot (have only ridden 10 Woodies even counting Racer as 2), plus my Top 10 Steel (out of 27 that counted towards this year's ballot):


1. The Voyage @ Holiday World

2. The Beast @ Kings Island

3. Mystic Timbers @ Kings Island

4. The Legend @ Holiday World

5. The Raven @ Holiday World

6. The Racer (Blue) @ Kings Island

7. Blue Streak @ Cedar Point (Blue Racer ran so well over Red IMO in 2019, there was a big enough gap that Blue Streak sneaks between them!):P

8. The Racer (Red) @ Kings Island

9. Hoosier Hurricane @ Indiana Beach

10. Woodstock Express @ Kings Island

STEEL COASTERS (Top 10 out of 27 Ridden that Operated in 2019)

1. Steel Vengeance @ Cedar Point

2. Maverick @ Cedar Point

3. Millennium Force @ Cedar Point

4. Magnum XL-200 @ Cedar Point

5. Diamondback @ Kings Island

6. Raptor @ Cedar Point (Surpassed Banshee and others with some epic rides a month or so ago)

7. Banshee @ Kings Island

8. Top Thrill Dragster @ Cedar Point

9. GateKeeper @ Cedar Point

10. Valravn @ Cedar Point

BTW, here are some things I am looking forward to in this poll:

-Where will Steel Curtain, Copperhead Strike, Yukon Striker, and MAXX Force end up ranking as these are the new-for-2019 coasters?

-How will Vortex rank in its only year on this poll (should give a good idea how loved/hated the ride really was)?

-Will Wildfire @ Kolmarden defend its title as the #1 wooden coaster from last year? Or will El Toro or some other coaster steal the title?

-What steel coaster will win best steel coaster 2019? (My guess is: Steel Vengeance @ Cedar Point!)

-How will the B&M Gigas, Fury 325 and Leviathan, rank- as to give us a realistic expectation for how Orion may do in 2020?

-What rides will be "MOST SUCK"?




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