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Dollywood Free Pre-K pass

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Dollywood Is now offering a Free Pre-K season pass for kids born in 2015 (5 year olds) and 2016 (4 year olds).  Like many parks, under 3 typically free.  I wonder when King’s Island will join the rest of the Cedar Fair park chain and and the rest of the amusement park competition to finally offer a Free Pre-K season pass?


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Kings Island is not hurting in that demographic, and the same cannot be said about the Planet Snoopy areas at the other CF parks that offer this pass.  There are days at KI that waiting for a Planet Snoopy ride is longer than the wait at Banshee or Diamondback.  The same cannot be said for Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, or Carowinds comparing their Planet Snoopy to their respective "big" rides.  There are times you can literally see Planet Snoopy on a favorable weather weekend at CP go an hour between a kid riding a ride - it is unbelievable unless you experience it yourself.

I doubt you would see it this year at KI because they would not want to refund all the passes bought that would now fall under that category.  Given the attendance that KI gets in Planet Snoopy I doubt we will see it here anytime soon; however, if a study shows they would make up for the loss of passes currently sold in the pre-K range with new pass holders and their pre-K children, then it would happen.

Another thing to keep in mind is that surprisingly a large percentage of gold pass holders to KI have no idea of a platinum pass or that other parks offer the pre-K pass.  So with the exception of those on this forum, and those that travel and know of the other parks, the typical greater Cincinnati passholder family has no idea about the other parks.  I am amazed talking to guests how many confirm that statement. 

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1 hour ago, BoddaH1994 said:

"We don't need to offer this.  We have the world's best kids area!" 

I could just see it.

I wonder if they'll consider it now that they don't. 

Don't give them any ideas LOL:P

Hopefully if they do offer this next year it doesn't overwhelm the park attendance like the introduction of Gold Pass to Cedar Point this year...I know they are two different things, but people go crazy with perceived free benefits!

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