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Beech Bend Park 2019 season overview


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I hope that everyone is having a good day.


While I know this is a Kings Island forum, I decided to post my report here on this forum, as I feel extremely welcome in this forum.


Beech bend park is an extremely small amusement park in bowling green Kentucky, where most of the rides there you could find at fairs, but I have my reasons for enjoying the park. I rode many first rides there, including my first Drop Tower, my first ride that wasn’t a simulator that went upside down, and other rides I didn’t feel good about riding before I visited beech bend for the first time in 2016. I also enjoy the park for how close it is to Nashville Tennessee. A drive to beech bend park is normally about a hour and a half, while a drive to Kings Island from my house is about four and a half hours, so the location is convenient for me.


With all that said though, I still prefer Kings Island as an amusement park, and hopefully beech bend park adds new rides soon.


I decided in 2018 before a history class at Murray State University to get a 2019 season pass for beech bend park, and I did this because the season pass was only around $40, which is around the admission price of the park.


I shall now break up the park into certain categories: Overview, flat rides (I will make it easy to read there are a bunch of flat rides), coasters, employees, and a conclusion.


Overview: While beech bend park is a small park, it feels like you are going through the countryside to get there, especially the last five to ten minutes of the drive. Upon arriving, there are no paved parking spots, so you park in grass instead (you are on a pavement to the grass). There is no theme to the park, the rides may be themed slightly, but there are no zones like Kings Island has (Action Zone X Base ETC). There is a small game area similar to the coney mall, but it is a lot smaller than coney mall, which doesn’t surprise me. The rides are scattered a little bit, but the rides are within at most five minutes of each other, and that is from one end of the park to the other. While I enjoy flat rides, most of them can be found at a fair or carnival, but they are still fun. Speaking of flat rides...


Flat rides: beech bend park is known for flat rides and a certain coaster, but I was surprised by the amount of flat rides, there are a ton. I will only be reviewing flat rides I have ridden, so I won’t include the kiddy rides and certain family rides.


Family rides:

Laser Fury 360: in my thought, it combines a bumper car and a game of laser tag, but it is a waste of $6. I was expecting a ride that was interesting for the idea but what I got instead was a horrible ride. It felt way too arcadey, the other rides don’t try to make you flip, and it is extremely boring in my mind.

Hip Hop Drop: this is the parks mini family Drop Tower, it goes at most thirty feet into the air, and drops the riders to a certain height. It is actually quite thrilling, I actually consider it more thrilling in some ways than the bigger Drop Tower at beech bend park, but that is just me.

Sizzler: a spinning ride of epic proportions to crush your friends with. That’s the summary of it. It is basically a scrambler ride at the fair.

Starship 4000: a graviton type ride that can make you feel extremely sick if you turn your head on it, trust me, don’t turn your head on it you will feel extremely drunk after the ride.

Tilt a whirl: what can I say? It is a fun ride, but it is such a common ride at fairs that I don’t know what to write here, but I enjoy riding it.


Thrill flat rides:

Air Race: it is hard to explain, so look up “air race beech bend park” on YouTube. I really have fun on that ride, however it was down the whole 2019 season, but when I did ride it in 2018 I had a blast! The harness is tight, but not as tight as the harness of Banshee at Kings Island, but it is a comfortable ride.

Most Dick: I was tempted to start signing a song from Futurama (Whalers on the moon we carry a harpoon), but I am holding myself back, but in all seriousness it is a ride that spins on a platform in either a clockwise or counterclockwise motion.

Vortex (please don’t be confused with our late friendly coaster at Kings Island): Vortex at beech bend park is basically a fireball at a fair, where it is surprisingly intense, but not as intense as the opposite ride of Delirium at Kings Island. It is also a comfortable ride.

Zero G: the 140 foot tall Drop Tower at beech bend park. It was my first ever Drop Tower, I first rode it in 2016, and I still get nervous riding it today. Unlike Drop Tower at Kings Island, when you reach the top it is an instant drop, but it is a somewhat smooth drop (probably not as smooth as Drop Tower at Kings Island I still need to ride that). It is my favorite flat ride at beech bend park due to how thrilling it is.



Wild Mouse: memes aside, the cars look like they are on certain substances, but it is a good little thrill. Wild mouse is a small coaster that goes up to 60 feet, and at certain points it feels like you will fall out!

Spinning out: a surprisingly fun family coaster that spins more than wild mouse, which is a bunch of fun!

Kentucky Rumbler: it is now the moment y’all have been waiting for, the most famous ride at beech bend park, well I should say the most famous coaster... Kentucky rumbler is a good thrill, but due to how rough it is, I don’t enjoy that much. I last rode it in 2019, where it was still rough, but I enjoy the thrill it provides.


Employees: while most employees are somewhat nice, others clearly haven’t heard of the ADA (Americans with disabilities act), thanks to how they don’t understand how certain people need extra help with certain things. I have general anxiety disorder with ADHD and a general learning disorder, so sometimes I can’t find the right words to say, but Kings Island is very supportive with that. Beech bend is as well with the rides, but in the gift shop they clearly only want more money, and I have had horrible customer experience in the gift shop. Overall though the employees are nice.


Conclusion: would I recommend beech bend park? Yes, it has good thrill rides for the area, and it is nearby to me. No, the employees can be awful, and the rides are nothing compared to Kings Island. Overall though I recommend going if you are in the area, but if you don’t want to go that it fine as well. Sorry for the long trip overview, I finally had a chance to write this, and I have been busy with school at Murray State University (go racers).


I did decide to get not only a 2020 season pass for beech bend park, I also have a 2020 gold season pass for Kings Island, and I am super excited for 2020!


Here’s to 2020.d07eca84237d477a5a4249c98ac8d1c3.jpg73d60f964d0e95b50a84cf303406c73f.jpg


I hope that everyone has a good rest of the day.




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Kentucky Rumbler is rough now?  That's a shame to hear.  I rode it back in 2006 when it was just a few weeks old and it was glass smooth.  I figured with the Millennium Flyer trains coupled with modern engineering would help keep the ride smooth for the long run, but that's clearly not the case. 

They used to have a ride there called Looping Star that was a essentially a galaxy coaster with a loop.  It was as bad as it sounded!  I did notice their flat ride collection, even back then.  Seemed like almost all of them were trailer mounted and Zamperla branded.  We joked that it was a "Zamperla showroom" but in hindsight I think they had an agreement to purchase that manufacturer's prototypes or something.  

Glad you had a good summer there.  That park certainly is overlooked and a lot of fun!!

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