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New Coasterdynamix: Vortex and Son of Beast

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10 minutes ago, super7 said:

The Thunder Road model is not accurate like the others however.  It only has three hills after the lift hill and has stations on each side of the lift hill.    But it’s still great that they made a model of it. 

I think over time Coasterdynamix has gotten more accurate and higher quality with their work, I hope in the future this continues and they just get better! 

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12 hours ago, standbyme said:

I plan on buying these early on once I arrive at the park...I don’t want to risk that they sell out, but I don’t want to carry them around all evening. Does the park have a system where they will hold things?


I would ask in guest services. I am not 100% sure if they will or not.

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I picked up mine last night. :)

I thought it was nice that the park was at least attempting to put a damper on the eBay scalpers by limiting the amount of each coaster a person could purchase. 
(Disney does the same thing with their souvenirs...so who says Kings Island Isn’t in the same league as Disney! :lol: )

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I got my Vortex from a scalper... I overpaid by like 15 bucks, but in a month, I won't miss that money at all. I will, however, be tremendously upset if they discontinue the model and I don't get one. So I figured the scalper markup is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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