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Retheming of Back Lot Stunt Coaster

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Fair points for sure.  I agree that those areas need some "thematic maintenance".  Backlot needs that to, and I think the point some are trying to say is that the theme for Backlot (without the movie tie-in) may not be worth investing in.  The "Stuntcoaster" was cartainly a cheap way to remove the Paramount tie-in, but it doesn't fit the area at all.  Maybe there is a more creative way to cheaply re-theme this ride, so it can fit rivertown better.  I like the Pony Express idea!  

Maybe CF could get Rock Star games ti chip in, and lean-in to the Grand Theft Auto vibe!  Some Russian mobsters in track suits, hit a pedestrian or two....

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I definitely think there are some lower budget updates that could be done to Backlot. The warehouse scene in particular is ripe with opportunity — bringing back all the fire and water effects would be awesome! I would love to see the splashdown effect return, but my understanding is that the water was damaging the trains, and the piping is beyond repair at this point.

I think a pretty easy change would be to change the setting from LA to Cincinnati — swap out the road signs, repaint the police cars, change the license plates, etc.

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I agree with what others have said, to me the ride itself isn't that bad. Its just completely out of place on that plot of land. There is no cohesion to that area of the park. It would be pretty cool if they could just move the ride back to Area 72 and give it a space theme. But that would probably be cost prohibitive.

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