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So, they haven't even released the schedule and it sold out? WOW!

Also, that's funny I saw this thread as I was just talking about Winter Chill Out today at lunch (I used it as an example to relate to as I was trying to understand why Redsfest was during the Cincinnati Reds' offseason (which is right now) instead of during baseball season, as a coworker was headed there this weekend and she was explaining the timing to me). I was saying that it's like Winter Chill Out as it's during CP's offseason (and also how KI doesn't have a Winter Offseason event to generate hype for the coming season).


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I bought a ticket for the 9: 30 start time; looking forward to it!

There were no available tickets 15 minutes after they went on sale. A handful of tickets gradually became available as abandoned shopping carts timed out, and it officially sold out after a little over an hour. Those who want to attend this event have to be quick!

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On 12/6/2019 at 11:10 PM, TOPGUN1993 said:

Those that have been before what was your favorite part of the tour?

Yes, I went last year!! Amazing time. They let you rome the park and they have certain times for certain things. Other than like lunch and the speaking portion, you are on your own. Its super fun!! 

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My son and I went last year.


1. As mentioned, the freedom to roam an empty park. The cool weirdness of seeing the park in "winter mode" (no flowers or landscaping, many rides disassembled)

2. Getting up close and personal with the Intamin coaster trains.  Millennium force and Dragster trains were on the midways near their stations, separated into cars and up on risers. Very nerdy, but I actually laid down on the cold pavement to look underneath at the mechanics of the wheels and axles.  It's cool how complex and heavy duty everything is.

3. The separate trip to the Amazement Shop” on the mainland. More up close and personal encounters with most every coaster train, many stripped down to the frame.  Also enjoyed the newly painted Corkscrew cars and the huge paint booth.

4. The hotel laundry room. Those machines are big. Really big.

5. The overall VIP feeling. It was cold so they passed out hats. Plenty of hot chocolate. Every employee we encountered was enthusiastic and eager to share and answer our questions. 

It’s a 4 hour drive, and therefore maybe a once or twice a decade activity for us. But we’re very glad we went.

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