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VIP Tour link?

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I have never seen or heard of a discount on VIP packages.  However I imagine you could use your pass privileges in addition to the VIP perks and eat a ton of food or something.  

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12 hours ago, PatchesC said:

I was curious about getting how to get backstage tour/coaster access and this came up:


Is this an old page or something to keep an eye on?

They have offered this for years. I have never taken one, maybe someone here has experience with one of these VIP tours?

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12 hours ago, jimlaheyscar said:

Cedar Point's page has a bit more info.  Same type program.  Just to give an idea, Cedar Point's prices were $375 for Silver (4 hours), $475 for Gold (9 hours) last year.  


The only one that seems close to what my family would do is the Sunrise Thrills since it's mainly focused on backstage.

11yo has been asking for a Beast Tour for a few years now lol.

The front of line access isn't a huge importance to us. At the same time being a passholder with drink/dining plans seems to make it less value.

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@PatchesC I can’t find an age restriction on that Sunrise Tour, but I believe it requires ascending that 200’ spiral staircase so I would just verify with Guest Services to make sure before booking anything.  

I see VIP tours much more frequently at CP than KI and I did talk with a couple once on one and they were having a great time and even had VIP Tour windbreakers on.  They were in Cleveland for a business trip so didn’t have much time and hadn’t been there for years.  

My kids can burn out really fast if it is a slow day at the park and we really bounce from coaster to coaster especially if it is hot.   So in our case I would generally choose multiple FLP+ passes vs. one day of VIP.  

I get ahold of the manager of the program at KI and see if a tour could be customized to suit your interests.  They may be willing when you are spending that kind cash.  

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