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KIC Podcast: Episode 6- 2019 Year in Review (Part 1)

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Don`t forget that you can get this podcast on iTunes, and on Spotify!

Show notes:  Join Robbie (CoastersRZ) and Brad (IndyGuy4KI) as they are joined by Evan Duffy (DeltaFlyer) to discuss the 2019 season.

On this first part of two parts, they discuss:

-Kings Mill Antique Autos
-International Street Renovation
-Octoberfest Glockenspiel
-The Beast`s 40th anniversary is celebrated
-Grand Carnivale
-The Vortex served its last riders at the end of the season.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the 2019 Year in Review coming soon!

We hope you enjoy this episode!  Sorry for the long delay since the last episode.  We have Part 2 already recorded, and plan to record another episode in less than two weeks!

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Cool podcast!

Some fun tidbits that never came up:

The parade floats were made by 3DX and Kern. 3DX has a long history with KI and does amazing work.  Kern is THE company when it comes to parade floats.  You name a parade, they currently or at least have made the floats.  This includes the Nickelodeon Celebration Parade.

All of the parade floats for Carowinds' Winterfest parade were made by Kern.  It's cool to see the companies continue to work together!

The theme to Grand Carnivale was developed by Grammy Award winning composer Scott Erickson.

@DeltaFlyer's speculation that the issues with lights and the fountain involved timecode are probably spot on.  I heard rumblings that they had a plan to fix it.  Let's hope for a great show at the end of the night in 2020!

If I were a betting man, I'd say that you'll see even less blacktop and even more pavers in 2020.

No mention of Pass Perks?

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First off, I am glad the podcasts are back! I have yet to watch part 2, but I would love to give my thoughts on this one:

  • Re: the discussion of thoughts that the addition of KMAA would be encroaching on the pathway and affect the bottlenecking of Haunt crowds, I almost think Killmart’s queue suffered more than Urgent as they had less space to work with line-wise due to the addition of Autos and that game stand that is used as The Mistletones' stage. Also, did not know that the Drive Training sign was a reference to Peter’s Cartridge factory… pretty cool!
  • I totally get the feelings @IndyGuy4KI had about adjusting to the "new" (old) colors of The Beast trains. If the OG colors were a one season thing and they went back to all red this year, I think I could live with that. But… at the same time, I get why they’d leave the train colors as is and I could live with it for a season or two more.
  • Re: Milestones- Didn't realize Banshee was 5; woo! However, I did observe Invertigo/Drop Tower’s anniversary season and I love Invertigo's new train; I'm surprised that wasn't mentioned. Speaking of milestones, I wish they would have done something for WaterWorks’ 30th, like a limited- time t-shirt or something with the old logo.
  • Re: Carnivale: I got to be on a float one night and it was awesome! The sign up sheets were near X-Base (now Area 72) and I think we had to sign something including how many members were in the group and important waiver-ish stuff like that (I rode with a family I had met through the Cirque shows)). Also, wonder if next year's Grand Carnivale will feature different countries. Finally, the different acts for each pavilion was a really cool aspect.
  • And speaking of parades, I remember the Nickelodeon Parade “We’re kicking it all over town, this party’s getting out of bounds…” lol
  • Finally, Vortex totally mesmerized me as a kid. When I was really little, I wouldn't ride anything, but I would love watching Vortex go through its layout (especially the batwing). Also, it got me thinking a bit about The Bat's final days and what that will be like for me... sadly, it will happen sometime, but hopefully he's still got a decade more of swinging action left!


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