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BGW to get a "giga" for 2021?

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I searched here and found nothing so I decided to share this. Here's the link from BGW fans.


If this is true, it would mean BGW will have added its 4th launch coaster in under 10 years by the year 2021. 

Also if this is true, it would make KD less appealing to Virginians as well as people in the eastern region of the country.

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A few theories I have.

1.) Maybe BGW isn't planning any new coasters in the next 5 years so maybe they're trying to pack them in.

2.)@SOBwasaSOB made a good point. Maybe Intamin's trying to get back into the US market on a larger scale like in the past so doing two installations might make them relevant again for the Sea World chain, (perhaps other North American chains as well.) The last US install they did was a family type launch coaster for Sea World San Antonio.

3.)They might be trying to bury Kings Dominion. If this coaster is added in 2021, it will have been the 5th coaster the park has added in under under 10 years since 2012. KD on the other hand, has only gotten two new coasters since 2010. Also KD has lost a ton of rides in that amount of time so it could be possible that BGW is taking advantage of that.

4.) They could be just following tbe company's new business plan which is focusing more on rides rather than animal attractions. BGW, however, has the least amount of animals of all the Sea World parks (besides Sesame Place) so I don't really see them needing to compensate for animals.

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I remember Coaster Studios talking about this a while back. I watched that video in the link and this thing looks insane. I kinda think they could do something to differentiate it from Pantheon and Tempesto (like maybe put wing trains on it or something), but other than that, it looks cool.

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