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An interesting article on Rivertown

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I found this article on the Rivertown area of the park and I find it very interesting. It talks about some of the old theming of The Beast and the way Rivertown used to look. It also talks about what remains of Rivertown. I think this is a good little read!


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That’s a great article. I wish Rivertown still had its “river” water all around it.   The removal of the water really took a lot away from the area.   So did the mass removal of trees for Diamondback 

The other things that mess up the theming most now are the warehouse that was Tomb Raider (a Paramount disaster).   The sketchy line queue for Diamondback (early Cedar Fair days And they really didn’t care about theming),  and yes that truck at the entrance of Mystic Timbers and the truck fronts of the coaster (although I absolutely love a coaster with themed front cars).    They are 60s models.   I also agree that some of the buildings are too colorful.  

 And the log flume belongs in Rivertown!


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I enjoyed reading this article so thanks for sharing!

Rivertown is my favorite part of the park so it does disappoint me that its a ghost of its former self. The Beast's lake is gone, a huge chunk of the train's theming has disappeared, the Keelboat Canal is gone, the kids area took the log flume and there truly is no river in Rivertown anymore.

I'd argue what caused this to happen was a chain reaction that happened over decades. 1st you get the draining of The Beast's lake to make room for Vortex and the setting immediately changed. Fast forward to 2002 when a classic log flume was replaced with a metal box. 7 years later a lot of the woods were cleared and Swan Lake was drained to make room for the impressive B&M Hyper- Diamondback. 4 years later we get a Cincinnati Reds restaurant. I'm not saying these addictions were bad, (maybe with exception to the metal box), but they all drastically changed the section's landscape to where its not as recognizable anymore.

Back then I'd argue the philosophy was thrills over theme- which is why we saw a ride themed to treasure hunt in an Asian jungle. Now however, I think we're starting to see a need to push the theme aspect and possibly bring some character back to Rivertown. As a matter of fact we already see this with Mystic Timbers. I doubt it'll ever look like its former glory but the park can try and make something new. I think Vortex's removal has given the park a rare opportunity to redefine Rivertown and possibly expand it further towards Coney Mall (heck BLSC and SRR are technically part of Rivertown). Who knows, maybe The Beast lake might make a return.

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