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Anyone make KI YT vids?

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I'd love to see your guy's videos that you've made about the park - ride reviews, park vlogs, anything is something I'd like to see! I've gotta get my fix until the park opens, right?


I made a general video about The Beast - in which I say nothing of consequence that you don't already know. :P 



I'd love to see content made by my fellow KIC members!! You guys make such great content <3

(Also shoutout to my boy Coasterbob62, you make the best videos man!)

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I made a script for a 1st video on a new YT channel I was thinking of making. Haven't decided if I actually wanted to take the time to edit it and record the audio. We shall see. It's a vid that goes over the major capital improvements the park might see in the next decade or so and the finances that go behind the decision for the park to do such a thing.

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On ‎5‎/‎28‎/‎2020 at 10:02 AM, WWC2003Amy said:

I would love to, but with The Whole no go pros rule I would feel like I couldn’t show my experience there.

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Is no Go Pros just on the coasters or on all of the rides, do you know?  Is this a Cedar Fair rule, or just at King's Island?

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Hi everyone,

Long-time user, but seldom poster here. I'm an award winning, Emmy-nominated video producer. I've spent my entire career creating videos for a number of clients, and in an attempt to "get my foot in the door" at KI, I spent the 2017 season working in Guest Services.

I met Alisha one day when she came in to guest services on her way in to the park. After my shift was done at 7pm, I went in to the park for a few hours before heading home, when I bumped in to Alisha in line for Diamondback. She began telling me about her love for KI and rollercoasters, and shared an amazing story about how her dad made her go on The Beast during it's debut season. That got my "producer mind" going, and I talked to Don about letting me create a video featuring Alisha and her story.

The park was good enough to share it on its social media channels, although I was never 100% satisfied with how it turned out. Up until that point in my career, I had been editing exclusively on Avid Media Composer, and this was the first video I did in Premiere Pro. Not knowing my way around the software, I couldn't make it quite as polished as I was hoping.

Two years later, and with some time on my hands due to COVID-19, I decided to revisit this story. 


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