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Kings Island 2020 Finally Open Thread

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For those that attend opening day, just remember, the park is feeling its way through this, and will likely be operating at a very cautious speed.  Its just as new to them as it is to guests - so its

Just want to throw a big warning out there: I cannot stress this enough, please please please treat all associates with respect and DO NOT get mad at associates over enforcing the rules! I'm saying th

Not to mention, even if you don't die—there's a myriad of other reasons that make this a serious issue whether it's long term effects or simply not spreading it to those who can't afford to be out of

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23 minutes ago, Benjamin22 said:

At least they’re painting it....

they're staining it, not painting it.  Typically, wood fences aren't painted, since paint peels easily in extreme weather.  As to the social distancing- even if people can't (won't) stand 6 feet apart, wearing masks is much more important, since if everyone around you is wearing one, that greatly reduces the chance of contagion.  As for first day park ops-think about what Disney went through with Rise of the Resistance-parking tolls filling up at 330 and 4 AM and Disney having to open the Studios at 5 AM, until they figured it out and didn't open the tolls until 6 AM and the park at 7.  I was there on one of the first days of 7 AM openings to snag a spot and was thankful for it, instead of willy nilly opening the park at different times each day.  They'll figure it out.

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3 hours ago, jensenracing77 said:

If you are so worried about it then stay home. You are not going to get 100% of the people to do things like they should. We have been experimenting on how to were a mask and not have our glasses fog up. We have yet to figure something out. I assure you that I will be taking my mask off often just to get my glasses to defog. So now they are forcing me to put my hands on my face FAR more often than if I didn't wear a mask. 

You have air flowing from the top of your mask towards your eyes. Seal that up better and you won't have fogging issues. Could consider some tape or a better fitting mask.  N95 you can adjust the nose through the strip of metal,  a handmade / handkerchief  you will have problems.

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1 hour ago, coaster sally said:

What about walking past each other?

Seriously... I literally said besides passing. Figured that meant passing by as you queued. Just like passing people in a grocery store line or what not. But if everyone's on their appropriate sticker nobody should be side by side directly for when you're standing still.  

it is hard not to pack in like sardines when that's what you've been used to all these years. spacing out will take some getting used to and nobody's going to be perfect 100%. But the spacing in pics is still really good.  

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So are we allowed to re-enter the park as in come in the morning (after our reservation time) stay for a couple of hours, drive outside the park (let's say to go pick up my wife) and come back in the same day? 

I'm thinking of getting there early Saturday and getting an Orion ride in and then coming back with her that evening after 5 (she's not a fan of the heat).

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1 minute ago, robintodd said:

So are we allowed to re-enter the park as in come in the morning (after our reservation time) stay for a couple of hours, drive outside the park (let's say to go pick up my wife) and come back in the same day?

Yeah I came and went 3 times today

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