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How to change or cancel reservations

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Can someone help me? I have a reservation for Saturday and can't go. I've searched the app and the website trying to figure out how to cancel them. It says something about a reservation portal? I can't find it... I see my payment portal..

Anybody got a step by step tutorial or something?


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I believe that you will need to call the park to cancel a reservation.  I do not believe that there is an option in the app to cancel.

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The steps to access the reservation portal are somewhat convoluted:

  1. Visit the Kings Island online store and go to Menu->Order Lookup
  2. Type your e-mail address and phone number to look up your order
  3. Click the order that contains the reservation you want to change
  4. Press "View your receipt"
  5. In the receipt window/tab that pops up, click the blue link above your reservation time(s) labeled "Manage Reservation"
  6. The online store opens up with options to reschedule your reservation

The reservation portal currently doesn't allow you to cancel a reservation outright, but you can change it as many times as you want to.

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Yup, there's no online way of canceling a reservation online.  You'll have to call for that, and wait on hold (that took me ~15 minutes the other day).  They can, however, be modified online.

There's a dedicated info page for reservations at the link below - select Manage Reservation at the bottom.  You'll just need your order number (from your email confirmation when you made the reservation), and your email address.  You can then select a new date and time.


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