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Racer’s Original Design


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3 hours ago, BoddaH1994 said:

You sure you aren't thinking of the lake by the Beergarden? 


2 hours ago, Oldschool75 said:

There was a bridge over swan lake at one time, also one over the lake at the Biergarten

The bridge over Oktoberfest's lake was added 1983 and the one over Swan Lake was present when the park opened in 1972. I believe that they were both removed after the 1994 season (at least that's the last time they were depicted on park guides).


Regarding @gforce1994's recreation, I think it's important to show what he seems to be modeling it off of. Some of the earlier Kings Island concept art released to the public / Taft shareholders featured some minor changes in park layout.

As scanned and shared by Steve Frazier, the 1970 Taft Broadcasting annual report:

2 Layout.jpg

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