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Kentucky Kingdom 7/16/2020

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I had a chance to visit the park yesterday.  I had to be in Frankfort and it is about halfway to the Kingdom from where I live, so I took advantage of the afternoon.

It was so very hot and humid, so I was grateful for the short lines and crowds in the dry park.  The water park was where it was at yesterday.

I don't do many flat rides because I dont do spinny things.  But I did ride the Drop Tower ride, which is always a blast.

Storm Chaser was my first ride.  I had to wait about 15 minutes, but it was shaded and there was a breeze.  The walkway to Storm Chaser from Thunder Run is always a treat to take in.  Shaded and beautiful, I enjoyed it while drinking water.  Storm Chaser gave me the best ride out of the times I have ridden it.  Forceful, but not so much that my legs hurt on the last part.  Lots of airtime, very smooth.  I did not reride because I wasn't there to marathon.

Next, I went to Thunder Run.  It is running really well this year after another section was retracked and new ledgers and batter braces were installed.  Loads of airtime, even with the new train.  On the old train, there were times I was literally inches off the seat.  This is one of my favorite coasters at the park.  After riding, I stopped by the drink station and got a diet Pepsi and two waters.  I wish they still had Coke products, diet Pepsi is just not that good.  

I then went and rode T3.  I actually like this ride!

I got more water at a drink station in Hurricane Bay and stopped to cool off.  Then I rode Kentucky Flyer three times, once as a zen ride.  Always a good ride and looks great against the backdrop of the waterpark.  The only thing I wish they had in the small station was a trash can.  There is not one and many people just throw their cup off the station.  I put my empty cup in the bin and threw it away on the way out of the queue.

Next, I stopped for dinner at Swamp Water Jacks.  I got pizza and a soft drink and 2 waters.  All that for less than $7 and it is much more than a slice, it is 25% of a whole pizza.  I could only eat about 30% of it.  Some people sat at a nearby table and their 3 small kids started running around and playing.  As I left, I told them how cute the kids were.  The mom apologized if they annoyed me, but I told her that it actually blessed me by seeing kids be kids and brining some normalcy to life.  

I went back to the other side of the park and stopped by the gift shop but didn't find anything I wanted to buy.  I then did the Tin Lizzies and Lightning Run.  This coaster made me nauseated and it normally doesn't.  I guess it was just the heat and humidity and a lot of stuff being done in a very short time.  I left the park, went to Costco and drove home and had to stop and take care of the nausea (LOL) on the way home.

I had a great time, always enjoy Kingdom Radio and the Sinatra songs near closing.  The park does not require masks on the midways or rides,   But in stores and  until you are seated at resturants they do.  And they enforce it.  I also saw several people turned away at the entrance for no mask, where they measure temperature.  They do have masks for sale outside the entrance however, for $1.00. I wish they had hand sanitizer at ride exits like KI does, but then again at my KI visit every.single.one was empty.

I had a great time and was glad to experience the park when it looked like it was not going to happen this year.

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6 hours ago, coaster sally said:

Good report, how was the mask wearing by the park patrons?

Probably not great since they don't make you wear them on midways or rides.

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Mask usage was consistent with park and state requirements.  Indoors on, to enter the park on.    Midways and rides, most had them off because they are not required.  But as per the summary above, they did enforce the rules they have for masks.

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