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Park Lore - Stories Behind the Rides

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Hi folks! If you don't know me, I was a loooonnnggtime poster here back in the day (miss you, Terpy). I've stopped by here and there over the last few years but largely I've been out and about exploring parks far and wide! You may have seen some of my one-off articles on the history of Tomb Raider: The Ride, Son of Beast, Geauga Lake, Disaster Transport, or a few other Cedar Fair favorites.


I wanted to swing by to let you know that I started an online collection of all my theme park writing in one place - PARK LORE! These are the in-depth, fully-researched, detail-packed stories of attractions from Disney, Universal, Cedar Fair, SeaWorld Parks, and beyond! It's meant to be an all-in-one place where you can start a story and "fall down the rabbit hole" (Wikipedia style B)) by digging into in-depth histories of the world's most-missed Lost Legends, flopped and failed Declassified Disasters, industry-changing Modern Marvels, and never-built Possibilityland rides, lands, and parks!

If you're super into theme parks, Imagineering, attraction design, ride histories, or just the themed entertainment industry, this is the site for you! I'm really trying to get this collection off the ground and get people excited about it and bookmarking it and stopping by to see what's new. If you're interested, do me a favor and swing by to check it out! You can sign up for an account to leave comments on stories (like sharing your own memories and opinions) and to get a monthly email Newsletter on what's new on the site. It would honestly mean the world to see people visit, share it with their friends, talking about it, etc. It's literally just a one person site, run by me. There are no ads or ad revenue. I just want it to be a cool place to visit and read stuff. (And if you have no idea where to start, there are recommendations on the home page).

spacer.pngI literally got my 'start' in theme park stuff and caring about the industry at Kings Island and here on KIC (as you can tell by my post count) so sharing the park's stories really, really matters to me, and I pretty quickly learned how interconnected those stories are with things happening across the industry. 

No pressure whatsoever, but the site does have monthly memberships to support new writing, fresh content, special features, etc. If you join as a Gold Passholder, you unlock a hundred(!) exclusive features (which you can browse here and here), rare concept art & construction photos in every story, streamable attraction audio (hello Tomb Raider music!), plus get a real membership card and postcard set shipped to your door. If you decide to sign up as a Silver or Gold Passholder, I created a special promo code to use at check-out - "KICentral" - that will take $2 off the monthly price, making the Gold Pass just $6 a month!! And you actually recieve stuff in the mail for it!! 

Anyway, I hope to see you all there! I have been around here long enough to know that you guys would make good use of the comment section. ;) But really, I hope you find it a cool place to relax, research, dig in, and learn a lot. Like I said, KIC was my start to caring about theme parks and learning from friends. Maybe Park Lore can be a secondary place for you! Haha. You can sign up for a free account or a Park Lore Pass hereSee ya there!?

If you read a story and love it, feel free to share recommendations in this thread. :wub:



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Oops, great idea. Since some are "Lost Legends" and others are "Declassified Disasters," regional parks stories are scattered around a bit. Here are a few direct links to regional parks rides and stories folks here may appreciate! 

Other stories for big name rides you may enjoy:

Thanks for taking a look everyone!

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21 hours ago, SonofBaconator said:

@bkroz This is some of the best content I've read in a long time

Thank you! I'm excited about it, and I hope other people get excited about it too. It's been cool to mail out member cards and postcards and see a little community to develop. I encourage anyone on here who's into theme parks to sign up! Like I said, it's free!

I would love to do an in-depth write-up on Phantom Theater, but I don't personally know of a lot of photographs, descriptions, history, etc. If anyone can connect me with some great resources or share firsthand experience of the ride's design or operations, I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to message me. :)

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