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How’s merch this season?

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 Yo! I just joined the sight but I’ve been an avid fan of KI for years and I’m a huge buff for not only the history of the park but the rides of the past too. Despite the fact that I’ve been a fan and have been going to the park for a little over a decade I’ve never bought merch before! I’d like to get some on my trip in two days, so is there anything in particular you all would suggest? 

 In particular I’m looking for anything involving the old rides, particularly The Bat (81). I know the new pins this year have stuff like Phantom Theater which I might get, but I’d like to know if there’s anything else cool to get

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Welcome! :)

A lot of collectors are enjoying the pin selection. There are several to choose from and you can find some interesting nostalgic rides. The pins are offered at a few different locations...and sometimes you can find some at one location, but not another...so look around.

Here is a link to some of the new ones this year:


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