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Idea for displaying KI pin collection

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For those of you that may be looking for a nice way to safely display your KI pin collection... here's what I came up with.  I'm sharing because it may be a good solution for others out there, and was a fun and very easy project.

Hobby Lobby sells display/shadow boxes.  I purchased a few that measure roughly 21" x 17" x 2".  These do not open at the front, nor are they hinged.  (The back comes off like any picture frame would.)  The back panel is covered with black velvet cushioned by a layer of foam.

They retail for $49.99, but I waited until they went on sale for 50% off.  (In addition, if you'd rather not wait for the sale, Hobby Lobby offers a 40% off single item coupons online.)

I also purchased some dressmaker pins with black ball tips to them to blend in with the background. 

I found the background foam/velvet pulled away rather easily, so I carefully pulled it off the back panel.  I then used Gorilla Glue spray adhesive to better attach the velvet to the back panel.

I then simply spaced my KI pins as I wanted them, and secured them in place by angling the black-tipped dressmaker pins through the display hole on each package into the velvet/foam background.  (I personally prefer to not open my pins from the cellophane.)

I then carefully placed the back panel with the pins secured into the frame while it was standing vertically.  This took me less than 30 minutes combined to complete.

Below is one of my displays.  I had so many pins and buttons that I filled 3 of them.  I purchased 4 of the displays so I have one for future purchases.


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