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Kings Island 08-02-20 and 08-03-20


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What a great time. The masks suck but other than that we really enjoyed ourselves. Orion is so incredible and is my first giga. Sadly, the wind blew my youngest girls mask down under her nose and half way off her mouth. The picture shows her grabbing it and was funny looking because she had such a concerned look on her face. The sad part is, they would not allow us to have a copy of that picture because the mask was not over her mouth. Even the lady thought it was a great picture because of the concerned look she had. Still what a ride! I wish they didn't cost $30 Million so they could build more, lol

Went to Whitewater Canyon and rode it 4 times in a row, my youngest lost her mask and mine broke on our last ride. Went out to get new masks from the car and people were looking at us as if we just killed someone for not having one on. Nobody from the park was a problem, just the mask Nazi public.

Went back in and was on Banshee and I felt it was much smoother this year than the end of last year. I was very happy about that. It had a 5 minute wait so we rode it several times in a row. They were assigning seats and we wanted to ride the front seat. We tried to time it so that we could be first in line for a new train but just couldn't get it right. Even the lady assigning seats was trying to help us get the front be she was restricted by her own rules. She was so sweet and a great asset to KI. Wish I got her name. 

Delirium is always a favorite of ours but the social distancing for that ride really slowed it down and not really worth the wait right now. We later found it had no line so jumped on it again. I could ride this all day long and be happy. 

The Beast! Will always and forever be my favorite! I was lucky enough to get a middle seat of a car and for sure much smoother. The retracked section was nice as well. 

I was really happy to see that Viking Fury got some love with new paint. That is a family tradition for us. My girls and I will have memories of them little with me on that ride so will always have a special place in my heart. 

Lots happened and had such a great time but did have one bad issue. My wife could be a professional cook if not for us deciding for her to be a stay at home mom. She knows food better than most people. We were at Cony BBQ and found that they did not have the tri tips this year so she went with the chicken and I got the BBQ. The BBQ was actually really good! My wife's chicken was WAY under cooked. Had red blood running out of it. I took it back up there and they give me an excuse that some blood vessel popped and was ok, I said we did not want it and wanted to exchange it for the BBQ. The did and no farther problem. They made it right for us. I told my wife what they said and she laughed and said it was just an excuse to make me happy because it was not done. I know nothing about food myself but happy that they made it right. 

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