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Personal meanderings about Canada's Wonderland post COVID

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The situation doesn’t look good with the border.


In that caption underneath Trudeau’s pic is something I personally find disturbing. 

“Trudeau also says unvaccinated foreign tourists must still follow strict COVID-19 rules and the government will first focus on a plan for what fully vaccinated visitors will be allowed to do in Canada.”

So, am I to believe that there will be a special list of rules for what tourists CAN do in Canada, and if one gets caught, an immediate arrest and deportation? I’ve never in my life seen Canada behave like this and it has never done it before in history. One such rule could be and this is speculation that visitors can’t go to theme parks. I’m sure Canada’s Wonderland wouldn’t snitch and would be incredibly grateful for any kind of business, as would most likely 99% of restaurants (possibly more) out there.

Global News is the only source where I can find this possible situation for rules for visitors.

Also worth noting is the political situation in Canada right now, any time, a leading government can dissolve a sitting parliament and cause an election and some are saying this will happen in fall. If this does happen, as like what happens with all elections, government activity would stall and there would be no progress on the border opening for at least 3 months at best.

What this pandemic really shows is the actual true nature of the laughable so called “world’s longest undefended border”, despite the extreme similarity between us, it’s amazing that practically no harmonization of rules at all exists at that border. In fact, the reason we have sports leagues which have teams in Canada is because a century ago, cross border business was probably easier to do, pro sports were thrown in as exemptions when the border thickened over the years. 

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1 hour ago, King Ding Dong said:

At least if one gets deported it will be accompanied by an apology.  :P

I don’t mean to be smart, but Canadians being nice is but a facade, look at how some reacted to seeing US plates around last year, cars were often keyed and drivers confronted.


Just read the comments and you see what I mean.

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To further prove my point, this article was published in Macleans magazine yesterday called "The Best Summer Ever":

The Best Summer Ever

"Look around. Notice the lack of Americans? Thanks to the fact our Prime Minister is worried Ontario Premier Doug Ford might continue to say mean things about him, he has opted to keep fully vaccinated Americans out of Canada. Other countries are being slightly less timid. They, understandably, realize that fully vaccinated visitors, who test negative for COVID before and after landing, present almost zero risk to public health, while also bringing in billions of badly needed tourist dollars. So, the doors to France and Mexico are wide open, while Canada remains shut.

No amount of angry gesticulating from the governors of border states or diplomatic wrangling from officials in Washington will change Ottawa’s mind. This is not about the science, or even the economics. Like most other decisions taken by our political leaders during this pandemic, it is simply about poll numbers and approval ratings."


So yeah, this is Canada for you. I don't know why any of you would want to come to Canada's Wonderland when the majority of people HATE YOU up here. Personally, I think most Canadians are openly retarded on the matter and need some put into them. Particularly about how geopolitics actually works. Most Canadians will then deflect and say "We burned down the White House in 1814", which is a totally incorrect statement for many reasons. The Burning of Washington was done by a unit which sailed from Britain, it has nothing to do with those that lived in Upper or Lower Canada.

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From articles around here, it seems that absolutely NOTHING will change for the July 21st deadline of the border closure.

The feds have moved the goal posts twice on this very issue, before they spoke of the 75%/20% (first and second dose) target, it then was changed to 80%/75% and now I believe a 80%/80%. These targets are entirely political and have nothing to do with science.

Now we have the Blue Jays wanting to play in Toronto again, how the feds act about this will be telling.

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As of yesterday, the border has reopened to fully vaccinated US citizens, they need to upload their information to the ArriveCAN app as well as have a negative PCR test 72 hours before crossing the border. Yes it is a pain and Canadians are subjected to those same rules too.

This was a unilateral move and the US has not came up with a reciprocal agreement. Having said that I advise against any visits to Canada for the time being because of anger.

Take a look at any video about the border reopening from a Canadian source and you’ll always see more dislikes than likes, some by a large margin. 

There were stories before of people vandalizing cars tbat had US plates on them.

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8 minutes ago, Honorarius said:

They've announced they'll be open for Haunt and Winterfest, but the reservation site has no dates available after Labour Day...

I'm considering if I'll return for the Haunt like I did a few years ago......it was an enjoyable weekend gig.

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18 minutes ago, disco2000 said:

The media was reporting 6mile lines and taking 7 hours to cross the border.

I don’t think that’s entirely unheard of. When you consider how the border works on either side, any increase of traffic can lead to huge lineups especially now with probably some trying to cross without using ArriveCAN, I can see it being a huge quagmire.

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7 hours ago, Honorarius said:

Season Passes for 2022 went on sale today...

74.99 for regular
99.99 for gold

198.00 for platinum

And if there was ever a year they could justify why the costs need to go up...and instead they are basically holding them steady.

Sell them cheap and make it up on quantity.  Increased crowds every day here we come...

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