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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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There have been quite a few parks with both observation towers and Ferris wheels.  Its not like they can't coexist.   Ferris wheel's views are more fleeting for people who may not want to stay up high for extended periods of time and the ride motion is relaxing.  


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On 2/20/2021 at 11:52 PM, Hawaiian Coasters 325 said:

Made this idea for a skywheel on International street. The location is in between Festhaus and Skyline/Starbucks across from the KI Theater. This would honestly be a good addition for the 50th anniversary in 2022 if they were to go this route:



I would rather Kings Island bring back an old more beloved ride like Der Spinning Keggars, Phantom Theater, or Enchanted Voyage in some form or another. I know Kings Island used to have a Ferris Wheel for a few years, but I don’t think it is missed too badly by longtime fans of the park. Also, in my opinion, Ferris Wheels are not really worth riding that often with their terrible capacity and lackluster ride experience. If you want good views, the Eiffel Tower has you covered with much better views than any Ferris Wheel could provide at Kings Island.

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If we were to get a ferris wheel, a 50-footer in Planet Snoopy would be all that we would need in my opinion.

The only benefit to a big wheel is an LED light package. As @FUN&ONLY!mentioned, we already have a great viewing ride with Eiffel Tower, WS, and DT.

Use the money that would go for purchasing a big wheel into LED light packages for existing rides. 

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I think a big wheel in Planet Snoopy could be good. The height would be thrilling for kids but it's a mild ride still that's fit for families. Plus it would  give another tall point to that side of the park as aside from the peak of Diamondback (which is a little bit away still) that are is relatively flat in comparison with the kids rides, log flume, etc. So it would balance the skyline more. I think one on International Street would impede the appearance o that area and the Eiffel Tower a bit. Coney Mall could be a good fit too but not sure where exactly to put it and there are already lots of tall rides on that side.

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A ferris wheel would be great for the park. Think about a big family group. The parents, the teens and older children want to ride the thrill rides. But maybe the grandparents want to enjoy a slower paced ride by themselves or perhaps spend time with the younger grandchildren who aren't big enough yet for the rides everyone else is interested in. Or maybe it's not a grandparent but someone who for one reason or another can't handle the tall, fast, spinning rides and need something that's a gentler pace. Or maybe they want the view, but also to sit down, relax and enjoy it without the vertigo that comes from walking on those grated floors. 


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I'd love to see a medium- to large-sized Ferris Wheel added to the park. I think that you can have more than one ride that offers views of the park, and a Ferris Wheel is a great ride that's super inclusive... pretty much anyone can ride it. I'm also always a fan of adding more rides outside of Planet Snoopy that kids can ride.

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