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What Cedar Fair could learn from other chains

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Sorry, I'm going on a thread craze again. 

I thought of this when I remembered Mr. Zimmerman talking about adding something new to each park every year which is a Six Flags ideology. We've started to see more theming incorporated into our coasters which can be seen as a Sea World/Busch Gardens move. With that in mind, what else could Cedar Fair learn from other chains?

Should we get more themed coasters like what you see with Herschend with Firechaser Express, Blazing Fire, Time Traveler, & Mystery Mine? Should we theme our sections better like the Busch parks? Should we get cloned rides for low lower tier parks like Six Flags? The possibilities are endless.

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I think taking what they can learn from Busch and Herschend is the best way. Theming and landscaping as Benjamin22 said would both really improve the experience of the parks.

Cloned off the shelf rides for cheaper additions to the lower tier parks would be alright too I think if it means they will get some more attention. I feel like parks should try to have their own identity with different offerings, but many of the low tier parks like MA rarely see new stuff so any love to them would be good.

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I agree with the Herschend and Busch level of themeing and landscaping.  One of the things that amazed me about BGW is that in a lot of cases you can't really see other areas of the park until you are in them.

I also like the amount of varied merchandise like blacksmith shops, candle shops, and wood crafts.

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