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Tank Boats?


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I just finished the action Park documentary on HBOMax. They talked about a tank attraction that shot tennis balls and it got me thinking... Does Anybody have pictures of the "Tank Boats"?

From what I remember it was an upcharge attraction where two people would sit in a boat and fire tennis balls at targets manned by guests with cannons around the perimeter.

I believe it was in the area now occupied by camp snoopy. It was near what was then the turnpike ride of memory serves me correctly. 

I was never able to ride do it as I was a small child. I believe it operated until around 1990. I remember watching my older brother ride and shoot the cannons. 

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I remember it distinctly.  At (then) Paramounts Kings Island it was called “Boat Tag.”   It was actually there for the ‘93, ‘94 and ‘95 seasons.

 It was located where Linus’ Launcher currently is.  There was a fence that separated Rivertown from (then) HB Land/Nick Splat City.  It sat on the opposite side of the fence from Scrappy’s Slide right next to the restrooms.

I never “rode” (it was actually considered a game) but watched it quite a bit.  Fun fact: The balls would often get stuck in the chain link fence that enclosed it.  

I have a picture of it, I’ll try to dig it up.

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