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Is Orion a Giga coaster or not?

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3 hours ago, silver2005 said:

It doesn't really make sense to build in Michigan because Cedar Point and SFGAm have a hold on all of Michigan's market.  MIA is more of a niche park.

The only way that park could get significant investments is if the tourism industry in the Muskegon area grew. Nevertheless I think them not getting a new thrill coaster hasn't exactly helped boost attendance.

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These discussions are always fun to watch. Just like my FMX days. You jump a bike or quad 100 foot distance on a kicker ramp and you could be 40+ feet in the air. You jump 100 feet on a tabletop and you are only 10 foot and maybe less in the air.  Either way, you jumped 100 feet. 

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28 minutes ago, RollerCoasterAirtime said:

Orion is a Giga because it has a 300 foot drop. It is also a HyperCoaster because it has a height between 200-300 ft. There are a few other coasters out there that fall into 2 categories as well! 


So you’re saying it’s a giper or higa?

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