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F.L.Y. @ Phantasialand has (soft)opened!

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Hey all,

I saw on Youtube last night that F.L.Y at Phantasialand (Germany), the worlds first launched flying coaster has soft-opened! Personally, this idea is something I've dreamed about since I was a kid, and since the project took a few years to come into fruition, I was ecstatic when I saw it opened this soon (especially when you consider the current pandemic we are living in...). Check out these videos below:


Besides it looking really cool, I had two immediate thoughts during/after watching: 1) it doesn't look that fast and 2) the seat configuration threw me off. I was expecting four across like a B&M, and when seeing the unique seating arrangement, I thought it was just a glorfyied invert (as I thought the seats somehow switched to regular after the launch). It took the second video to realize that yes, these people are actually flying (and not just during said launch)! And on the speed aspect, it's alright as this is the first of its kind; it's just cool that this is even a thing!

What are your thoughts on this groundbreaking coaster? Would you like to see one of these come to the US?

EDIT: Here is the RCDB page: https://rcdb.com/15201.htm

EDIT2: I just realized that this concept occurred 20 years after the first (major) flying coaster opened at (then) Paramount's Great America. Stealth/Nighthawk is also a Vekoma. Look how far they've come...

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I think the thrill level will be alright on ride. It looks amazing and even if it isn't the fastest it will still be fun. Firehawk only got up to 50 so I doubt this is much lower than that. Plus with you flying right by all the buildings and walls it will feel much faster than it is, as well as add to the excitement with all the interactions with scenery.

This park has always been on my bucket list as the rides look great and the scenery and theming is amazing.

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19 hours ago, flightoffear1996 said:

The trains are very interesting!  I wonder how the downtime will compare with say a B&M flyer.  Seems more complicated mechanically.  I wonder why the office stats haven't been listed.

These are not your fathers Vekomas....

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