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Favorite KI Ride Sign.

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So, unfortunately, I don't have a better picture of this sign, but here it is...

AE_sign_WF 2017.jpg

The Adventure Express sign has always been awesome and nostalgic to me. It did get a refresh some years ago (see above), which looks nice, but I remember the older sign the best (link: https://rcdb.com/70.htm#p=8650). Also, once upon a time, I took a picture of the old exit sign with the plain-looking, 90's-esque font.

As for newer KI signs, we can't forget about this...


(And yes, that is a Crobat posing with the sign).

Not only do I love this ride, but this sign is really cool as well! I also like the Invertigo sign, but I can't find a picture of it at the moment!


As for past rides, Firehawk's sign was cool also.



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I liked the original Outer Limits: Flight of Fear logo.  Kept in style with the ride (especially if you were around for the build up to it when it opened).  Has a lot of a Star Wars look with a bit of creepiness with the coloring and the speed-style letters of Flight of Fear.   The video in the building is a nice kind of transition from the hype around then to actually riding the thing, particularly with this being the world's introduction to LIM technology and the kind of things it could mean for coasters (we got the first 100 mph coasters a year later with LSM technology).  

The 80s and 90s were a great time to be an enthusiast with the leaps in technology that happened. 


silver2005, a coaster/park history buff.

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Beast is definitely my favorite in the park, especially with the movie stylized lettering, the symmetry, and how the park went out of their way to give The Beast arms definition on the sign.  I always imagine that image when its going into the helix tunnels, especially the first time around.   It looks like a movie poster.

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