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New High Quality Son of Beast POV

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...and when I got on Youtube, THIS popped up in my feed.

The Animation from the 1999 Son of Beast announcement. Compare this to the animations for Orion, Banshee, or even Diamondback and it is obvious animated coasters have come a LOOOOOONG way.

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Since my first trip wasnt until Labor Day weekend 2006, and after researching what an engineering turd it was (BEAUTIFUL to look at though) I never even fathomed queuing for it after it reopened and I was going to the park regularly, can someone(s) please give me a genuine level of comparison to gauge what I (wasnt) missing?  For instance, how was it compared to my favorite Voyage, or compared to Mean Streak?  Mean Streak was a ride I genuinely didnt mind riding, and felt that had they file 13ed the garbage MCBR that made it shuffle the entire second half of the ride it would have been just fine, so lay it on me in comparison to those?


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I only rode SOB in 1-1 and 1-2 most of the time as they were slightly more comfortable.  It was mostly just jarring jackhammering on the helices and that last bit before the final brakes.  The pre-lift and the few straighter drops it had (the first drop, the drop off the MCBR and the drop before the final brakes) weren't bad, but just forceless due to being drawn out.   I'd put it above Voyage and Mean Streak for sure on the roughness scale.  The Rose Bowl felt like riding a coaster attached to a jackhammer.  The second helix was basically the lite version of the first but still awful.  The Premier restraints did it no favors.

The Gerstlauers made things worse because they bounced WAY more due to being lighter and made it more boring because it seemed to barely get over hills.  Those trains, BTW, were not new Gerstlauer trains designed for SOB.  They were lightly retrofitted G-trains (I'm probably being generous saying they were changed all that much aside from the new colors) from a defunct wooden coaster known as Hurricane from Myrtle Beach Pavillion, which makes the 'rehab' CF did to it all the more questionable. 

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Wow, that was a blast from the past.  I rode it the first time in May of 2000, and the last time was during Haunt 2007.  It was roughness on a whole other level, for sure.  I still can't believe that massive structure was built, and is completely gone already.  

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